HERO universal stacker

The perfect solution for automatically stacking or destacking trays and baskets.

HERO - reliable and versatile

HERO is a universal, multi-functional conveyor innovation for stacking and destacking various containers with an automatic size adjustment feature. This reliable automation solution can be used in any way you like due in small part to its switchable stacking and destacking function. The combination stacker’s performance for both stacking and destacking is approx. 1,500 cycles per hour. HERO is made of 100% stainless steel, and is available as a longitudinal or transverse infeed.

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HERO in action

Here’s how our automated universal stacker works. It’s an ingenious solution for more efficiency in terms of production and back storage. This automation technology is suitable for all kinds of companies, both large and small.


How you benefit from using HERO:


Suitable for nearly every kind of plastic container due to its ability to adjust the size setting automatically.


it requires very little maintenance, and its durable stainless-steel design means you can use it continuously over a long period of time.

Improved efficiency

Exceptional performance due to the high number of containers stored and retrieved per hour.

Low noise

The high-performance servo drive used for the system significantly reduces the noise level in your building.

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