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Flexible, precise robotic systems

We offer you cutting-edge automation technology to increase the efficiency of your logistics processes.

Industrial robots - smart and fully automated

The future of logistics is in intelligent robotic systems.


Robots don’t need to take breaks and can reliably perform every task you ask them to carry out. They massively improve the efficiency of your logistics processes. Depending on your requirements, our innovative robot solutions include:

  • individual robot cells or a complete system,
  • mobile or collaborative robots,
  • articulated arm robots or portal robots.
The first step is for us to work together to analyse and define your unique operating conditions. Based on this, we develop a customised concept with the most effective solution for you, upgrade your logistics technology and make it fit for the future. Our expert team will support your project from planning to commissioning and make sure your employees are properly trained on the new systems.

Our robotic system solutions for your requirements


Innovative complete systems

Our robotic systems are able to carry out several tasks in a single session as they are fitted with multi-function grippers and built-in cameras. This allows you to optimise your cycle times as needed. We also offer interchangeable tools for tasks that are particularly complex in nature.

We specialise in developing custom designs, so we will be happy to provide a solution for jobs you need completing, we also take the unique properties of the materials to be transported into account during the design process. Our experience is a lifeline for companies from a huge range of sectors, including the food industry.


Collaborating and mobile robots

Our collaborative robot systems (cobots) take the pressure off your employees, improve your process efficiency by working alongside their human colleagues. Our autonomous mobile robots act and move independently transporting a wide variety of load carriers to their destinations. This ensures that raw materials or finished components are supplied where they need to be. The built-in sensors in our handling devices guarantee safety.

They recognise barriers and switch off automatically if operators are potentially at risk.


Flexible gripping technology

Whether you’re picking individual items or loading and unloading pallets; whether it’s crates, boxes, barrels or sacks; our robots’ innovative handling technology give them the power to pick up every item accurately, precisely and gently at its optimum gripping point and place it back at the desired location (pick & place). Even different products on different load carriers won’t put our smart robotic systems in a spin.

We have the right solution for every challenge you’re faced with in your logistics business, and we’ll be happy to design and build an efficient robotic system for you – it will be customised and engineered down to the finest detail.

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Head of Sales Intralogistics
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How you benefit from using our robotic systems

Everything from a single source

We analyse your requirements and any potential hazards. Following this, we design your robotic system, implement it for you, and analyses then commission it.

As safe as you can possibly be

All of our robotic systems meet the safety regulations required for the tasks that you need, and they are compliant with CE marking specifications.

Huge flexibility
We work with a wide range of robot manufacturers. Feel free to choose the manufacturer of your choice and we will design a tailor-made robotics solution for your business.
Improved productivity
Our handling systems work quickly and reliably. They never need to take breaks, and don’t get tired. This improves your productivity by a significant margin.

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