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Even the most reliable intralogistics system needs a few upgrades from time to time. We are your professional partner, and we're here to assist you with retrofitting your system. We will be happy to support you with supplying the part, as we will procure them and subject them to rigorous quality control. Our hotline is on 24 hours a day. Please contact us to find out more about how you can build a complete package of MFI services that works for you. For example, you can combine our spare parts supply with our warehouse service, or with the MFI 24-hour hotline service. We will be happy to advise you on the combinations that are available to you.

Our MFI services for you

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Maintenance and repair

Machine and system failures in intralogistics very often result in spiralling costs. You need to do your best to prevent this. That’s why our service technicians will maintain your systems regularly. We schedule the appointments in such a way that they will always be carried out by the same technician. This is how we can ensure that our maintenance workers always of the highest quality, as the technician will get to know you and your machines like the back of their hand. Regular system maintenance means that we can detect faults at an early stage, or before they happen. If our service technicians find a fault, they will repair it for you in a quick, straightforward and professional way.


Hotline support and mechatronics team on call

Even the best maintained machine can break down unexpectedly. In emergencies like these, just give our 24-hour hotline support team a call. They will access your material handling computer via an encrypted connection. This allows us to determine the root cause of the malfunction, and we will then be able to assist you with resolving it. Our mechatronics engineers are also available on call to deal with faults that that cannot be rectified over the phone. Our service technicians will get to work repairing your system as soon as they arrive on site, so you can resume operation as quickly as possible.


Spare parts supply made easy

Procuring and storing spare parts takes a lot of time and effort. We will be happy to take responsibility for procurement and quality control of the parts that you require. if you would prefer to do it yourself, we can advise you on the spare parts that are suitable for your system.

We are able to replace removed parts immediately, thereby preventing any downtimes due to missing spare parts. It doesn't matter whether your system was engineered by us, or another manufacturer.


Plant and machinery retrofits

As far as we’re concerned, a professional service also means letting you know at the earliest possible opportunity when your mechanical assemblies and control components may need replacing due to wear and tear, or when you might require a full software update. Compared with buying a new machine, taking the necessary steps to modernise will always save you money in the long run.
If a machine that we have manufactured is on the brink of a failure, we will be happy to take appropriate measures to modernise the system for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a case of just replacing a component, whether the mechanics need bringing up-to-date, or even if the entire system needs an upgrade - we are here to help!

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Fred Mayer
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We are available for you around the clock. Our technicians are on call to lend a helping hand 24/7.

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We have an experienced and reliable team of specialists for EDP, steering and mechanics.

Extended service life

We extend your systems lifetime by integrating state-of-the-art drive technology, modern control systems and user interfaces.