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EDY Software

EDY is an intelligent IT solution for your intralogistic challenges. Due to its modular concept based on a warehouse management, material handling and picking system, the flexibility of the previous machine remains unaffected and we can adapt it to requirements that are specific to individual projects and/or clients to make sure it gets the job done. EDY can be connected to any ERP system or multi-site systems due to its flexible interfaces. Its user-friendly standard functions such as article master management, storage location management, inventory management and order management are simple and intuitive to use.

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Delta pronatura uses EDY

Here’s how an automated high-bay warehouse with EDY works at delta pronatura. Lean logistics for more efficiency and safety in warehouse logistics.


How you benefit from using EDY software

Customized adjustment

EDY is extremely flexible, and can be adapted to specific project or client requirements as needed.

Flexible connection

The EDY warehouse management system can be linked to any ERP system.


EDY will always be stable and reliable, even when subject to high loads.


EDY software is simple and intuitive to use.

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