OCTA packing robot 

A patented innovation with a hygienic design for placing bread loaves into the appropriate baskets, making full use of automation.

Efficient packaging for various bread lines

OCTA is an innovative stand-alone unit that effectively replaces the manual bread loaf packing process and it takes care of quality control for the baked products automatically. This keeps your running costs low. OCTA is based on a Delta robot that has been fitted with a gripper. The gripper is able to quickly and gently place a wide variety of bread loaves in different shapes and sizes onto a pull-off plate. The pre-packed loaves then slide from this plate into the basket fixed directly below it. OCTA is made of stainless steel.

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OCTA in action

OCTA can be used as an end-of-line packaging system for different bread products. After baking, the loaves are transported into baskets in the appropriate position. This stand-alone unit can also be easily integrated into other systems.


How you benefit from using OCTA

Improved efficiency

High basket availability at the packing and pick-up stations due to its smart system control system.

Quality assurance

The built-in camera system checks the quality of the baked products automatically.

Reduced costs

Bread loaves are placed into trays more quickly and more gently. Up to 3,000 bread loaves per hour.


OCTA requires very little maintenance and is exceptionally reliable in operation.

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