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TARO storage system with shuttle

The expandable and flexible stacking storage system with a hygienic design.

TARO – modular basket storage system

TARO is an intelligent buffer with variable shuttle systems for boxes, baskets and trays with up to a 500kg payload. The heart of the buffer are TARO shuttle vehicles. This system can be used in such a way as to optimise performance, allowing you to save money and space, and it has a high storage density. Our TARO concept is based on individual channels in which double stacks with a 3m stack height or 26 flat baskets /40 planks can be stored. These stacks can be created by using a combo stacker (stacker/unstacker), or with robots. Our flexible TARO storage system is made of 100% stainless steel, which has been specifically designed for use in the food industry.

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TARO in action

Here’s how our automated basket storage system works. The stacks are transported by rail-mounted TARO shuttles, which are driven horizontally in two directions. The TARO system works via the FIFO method - the items that are stored first are removed first.


How you benefit from using TARO:

Space efficient

Are there any pillars in the way? No problem. Taro seamlessly integrates into your existing warehouse architecture.


TARO transports and stores different box, basket and tray sizes.


The system requires very little maintenance, is exceptionally reliable in operation, and it’s really easy to clean.

Modular design

Several vehicles can work within a single storage facility, depending on the capacity and performance requirements you need.

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